Relaunching the Instrument Launch Website

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By Jack Barton

Instrument Launch is a set of online courses for beginning band students. They teach new players how to assemble an instrument and make their first sound.

While Instrument Launch had a functional website, it wasn’t taking off. I updated it so customers could better understand what it’s about and what they’ll gain from using it.

About Instrument Launch

Instrument Launch was created by Connect Through Music, a music education company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They license the videos to music retailers, who then give customers access to the courses when they purchase a qualifying instrument.

In the short term, students who use these videos are better prepared for their beginning band class. Long-term, they stay involved with music for longer, boosting their enjoyment in the process.

And from the retailer’s perspective, Instrument Launch is a benefit of shopping with them. Plus, if the student stays in music longer, it increases their lifetime value as a customer.

Updating the Website

CTM partnered with Summerhays Music of Orem to promote Instrument Launch, and wanted to relaunch the program for the 2024 back-to-school season.

They already had the website before I started working with them. But after an audit, I determined it had the following creative and technical issues:

  • The copywriting was pretty vague. It didn’t fully explain what Instrument Launch is or the value it offers to customers.
  • Some text was hard to read against the background images.
  • While the videos were meant to be exclusive to Summerhays customers, an oversight in the account system meant anyone could access the videos for free.
  • The site wasn’t mobile-friendly, which was a colossal issue since they were promoting it using QR codes.

The updated website fixes all these issues. Reps from Connect Through Music and Summerhays were all incredibly pleased with the results.

“This looks fantastic!  You are amazing!”

John Miller

VP of Education

Connect Through Music

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