Sweet Clarinets at Sweetwater

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By Jack Barton

Sweetwater is one of the largest online retailers in the music industry. Think of any piece of music gear, and they probably sell it.

In late 2021, they expanded into the Band & Orchestra category for the first time. Historically, the company was run by an army of guitarists and drummers. So they needed help establishing their credibility as a premium B&O dealer.

Sweet Clarinets at Sweetwater.

Creating New Clarinet Content

Sweetwater hired me specifically to create new blog and e-commerce content covering B&O. With my past experience in B&O sales, I offered insights the writing team didn’t have at the time.

And as a clarinetist, I had hands-on experience with several brands and models. So I was particularly qualified to work on clarinet-related content. Some of that included articles on the InSync blog and product pages for various clarinets and accessories.

Clarinet Buying Guide – How to Choose a Clarinet

Three clarinets at Sweetwater

The Clarinet Buying Guide is a comprehensive overview of clarinet types and features. It covers everything a shopper needs to know before buying a clarinet.

This article was first published in July 2022. And as of this writing, it ranks #1 in Google for its target keywords.

In other words, it’s beating out Sweetwater’s main competitors for those keywords.

Here are some quick stats about this article’s SEO performance:

  • Ranks #1 for target keywords in Google Search
  • 30+ other keywords in the top 10 search results
  • Ranks for 250+ other keywords

Backun Clarinets & Accessories

Backun Beta clarinet

Backun Musical Services is a boutique clarinet maker based in Vancouver, Canada. They make some of my absolute favorite clarinet products today. So I was beyond thrilled to write about them!

I wrote unique product descriptions for most of the Bb clarinets currently on Sweetwater:

A Backun clarinet barrel and carrying pouch.

In addition to the clarinets, I created new pages for Backun’s expansive line of barrels, bells, and mouthpieces. Here are just a few of them:

Buffet Crampon Clarinets & Accessories

Buffet Crampon Tradition professional clarinet

Buffet is arguably the de facto gold standard for professional clarinets today. So naturally, it was a pleasure to create new product pages for a few of their instruments and accessories.

The first page I want to highlight is the Buffet Crampon Tradition, a premium clarinet targeted at college players and working professionals.

Another is the Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet, a high-end bass clarinet aimed at symphony-level musicians and education institutions.

I also created the sales pages for several other Buffet accessories:

Other Clarinet-Related Articles & Product Pages

A pile of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces and reeds

I helped develop additional clarinet-related content for Sweetwater. These supplementary articles help demonstrate Sweetwater’s expertise and credibility as a clarinet shop.

Angle view of a Chedeville Umbra clarinet barrel

On top of that, I created dozens of other clarinet-related product pages. Here’s a sampling:

Need Help Developing High-Ranking Music Content?

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If you’re a retailer, run a music blog, or do something else music-related, reach out to me.

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