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By Jack Barton

Sweetwater is one of the largest online retailers in the music industry. They sell almost any music product you can think of.

In late 2021, they expanded into the Band & Orchestra category for the first time. But, Sweetwater is known for selling guitars, drums, and pro audio equipment. They needed help establishing their credibility as a premium B&O dealer.

That’s where I came in.

Creating New Saxophone Content

I joined the Sweetwater team in January 2022. They hired me specifically to create new blog and e-commerce content covering B&O. With my background in Band and Orchestra sales, I offered insights the writing team didn’t have at the time.

And as a sax player, I wrote a lot of saxophone-related pages. Some highlights include high-performing articles on the InSync blog and product descriptions for top-selling saxophones and accessories.

Saxophone Buying Guide – How to Choose a Saxophone

A line of saxophones

The Saxophone Buying Guide is a comprehensive overview of saxophone types and features. It covers everything a shopper needs to know before purchasing a sax.

This article was first published in February 2022. Seven months later, it’s performing incredibly well in Google.

As of this writing, it ranks #2 for its target keyword. It’s also beating out Sweetwater’s main competitors for that search term.

SEO Performance as of August 2022:

  • Ranks #2 for target keywords
  • 60+ other keywords in the top 10 search results
  • Ranks for over 375 total keywords

BetterSax Student Saxophone & Mouthpieces

Jay Metcalf is a saxophonist best known for his BetterSax YouTube channel and website. After years of providing free educational content and product reviews, he partnered with respected manufacturers to create his own line of products.

Sweetwater became the exclusive dealer for those products in the United States. I was tasked with writing the descriptions for the initial line of products: the BetterSax Student Alto Saxophone and the Burnin’ Saxophone Mouthpieces.

The products went live in February 2022. Since then, Jay announced on social media that the BetterSax alto sax was the best-selling product in the entire Band & Orchestra category at Sweetwater. The Burnin’ mouthpieces also became the best-selling woodwind mouthpieces.

Selmer Paris Supreme “Modèle 2022” Alto Saxophone

To celebrate 100 years of making saxophones, Selmer released this limited edition version of their Supreme alto sax.

Spec-wise, the Selmer Paris “Modèle 2022” is the exact same saxophone as the Supreme. That said, I treated it as an entirely new product. My goal was to elevate it as a collector’s item and status symbol.

The Modele 2022 has a unique sales copy and borrows little content from the original Supreme’s product page. I emphasized all its unique features, including the finish, engraving, and exclusive accessories.

In the end, this page earned a lot of praise from Sweetwater’s managing editor and other executives.

Only 641 of these saxophones were made, and just 75 of them made it to the States. Sweetwater managed to nab most of them. And as soon as they arrived, they sold out.

Other InSync Saxophone Articles

Saxophone Mouthpiece Buying Guide hero image from Sweetwater

I helped develop additional saxophone-related content for Sweetwater. These supplementary articles help demonstrate Sweetwater’s expertise and credibility as a saxophone dealer.

These articles are less than a year old. But, they already rank in the top 10 Google Search results for their target keywords.

Combined, they rank for hundreds of other keywords. And that number will only grow as these pages age and climb in rankings.

Other Saxophone Product Pages

Various saxophones and microphones

I wrote product descriptions for dozens of other saxophones, mouthpieces, and accessories. Here’s a sampling:

Need Help Developing High-Ranking Music Content?

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Images from this post are the property of Sweetwater Sound and Henri Selmer Paris.

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